Breakfast Low Carb Choices

Skipping Breakfast Isn’t Good For Your Waistline.

Not eating actually causes you to stay overweight because your body goes into starvation mode, or slows your metabolism to conserve energy by burning less calories. That means all that fat just sticks around for future use. The only way to get rid of it is to use it!

Keto Diets Tell Your Body to Use Fat

When we’re filling our bodies with a healthy amount of calories which are low in carbs, your body has to reroute the storage for energy. Just changing the way you eat gets your body working for you.

Convenient and FAST

There are many options premade in the freezer section for busy people who don’t feel like cooking every meal. If you give yourself fast options, you’ll be less likely to go back to old habits.


I make 5 pattie sausages with an egg or two when I’m in a hurry. Precooked frozen sausage broils in less than 10 min. and tastes delicious.

Trying New Foods Can be Fun

Don’t let new foods scare you. Get creative in the kitchen and out of your comfort zone. You might be surprised at foods you like that you might not have tried before.

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Use Leftovers

I like to use leftover meat in the morning. For example, after making too many hot dogs on the grill, I put them away for breakfast and fry them into a scrambled egg with onions, salt, pepper, and cheddar cheese.

Don’t Stick to One Breakfast

There are lots of meats to choose from. Unless you’re the type of person who does well limiting your foods, you’re going to get bored fast. You’ll never want to see an egg again if you always scramble it with just salt and pepper. I know this is harder if you’re used to eating sweet breakfast foods. In that case, try peanut butter celery instead or in addition to eggs and meat. There’s only 6 carbs in 2 T. of peanut butter, so you won’t have to feel guilty for having extra carbs.


Don’t forget the variety of low carb vegetables and seasonings!